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Tiny Smiles, a Give Kids A Smile® program sponsored by Colgate and CareCredit, focuses on educating and increasing dentists’ confidence to see babies and young children.

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Resources for Dental Professionals, Medical Professionals and Educators

Untreated tooth decay can lead to pain and infections, which can affect a child’s ability to speak, eat, play, and learn. Fortunately, early intervention and proactive education can help parents and caregivers give their children bright smiles and a healthy future.

Resources for Dental Professionals, Medical Professionals and Educators

Medical Professionals Packet
Get talking points and patient resources about the connection between oral health and overall health.

Download Medical Professional Packet (English) (PDF)

Download Medical Professional Packet (Spanish) (PDF)
Educators Packet
Download patient resources and family activities to help prevent tooth decay in baby teeth.

Download Educators Packet (English) (PDF)

Download Educators Packet (Spanish) (PDF)

Helpful Links

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Topic page
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Landing page
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