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"The most beautiful thing in the world is a child’s smile; the next best thing is being a small part of the reason behind it." 

Kandyce A'See
Dr. Lynn Marsh, RDH

Dr. Lynn Marsh, RDH, Professor/Director, Give Kids A Smile at Farmingdale State College 

Dr. Lynn Marsh RDH is a Professor in the Department of Dental Hygiene at Farmingdale State College. She received an Associate in Science and Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene, Master of Science in Health Services Administration and a Doctorate in Educational Administration, Leadership and Technology. Her teaching responsibilities include periodontology, pain management coordinator, principles of dental anesthesia coordinator, clinical dental hygiene III and IV instruction and practice management for quality assurance. She is a member of the National Dental Hygiene Honor Society, Sigma Phi Alpha, and Dimensions of Dental Hygiene's Peer Review Panel.

Her research interests includes “Dental hygienist attitudes toward willingness to volunteer care for the underserved population,” “College Students’ Attitude Towards the Frequency of Types of Technology Used For Online Learning”, “A Collaborative and Inter-professional Community Outreach Program” and “Dental hygienists social sensitivity regarding access to care issues for the underserved population.”

Dr. Marsh has sustained a portfolio of research publications in peer-reviewed journals, presented at local, international/global conferences, presented papers published in conference proceedings as well as received two grants. Since 2009, her scholarly activities include the publication of over twenty articles in The Journal of Professional Excellence Dimensions of Dental Hygiene, a national peer-reviewed publication in dental hygiene, five articles in Mentor Magazine, a monthly magazine that supplies dental sales professionals with knowledge about the clinical applications of the products they sell, two articles in Access, a national editorial board reviewed publication in dental hygiene, one article in Decisions in Dentistry, a monthly, peer-reviewed journal designed to support the highest standards of professionalism in multidisciplinary care, one research publication in the Journal of Dental Hygiene, a national peer-reviewed research journal of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association and co-authored one research publication in the Long Island Education Review, a peer-reviewed  journal for education professionals. Additionally, abstract publications include: five abstracts in the Canadian Journal of Dental Hygiene; a peer-reviewed research journal of the Canadian Dental Hygienists’ Association and three abstracts in the Journal of Dental Hygiene; a national refereed research journal of the American Dental Hygienists’ Association. She holds professional memberships in six professional societies/associations and was awarded a grant for “Best Practices Certification for Online Courses” in 2017, funded by the SUNY 4Pi grant.


Organization through which your Give Kids A Smile program takes place:

Dental Hygiene Care Center – Farmingdale State College


The duration of your involvement in the GKAS program:

I have been involved in our Give Kids A Smile program for the last thirteen years and have been the director of our Give Kids A Smile program for the last nine years.


Why do you participate in Give Kids A Smile programs?

I participate in our Give Kids A Smile program to help bridge the gap between access to care and underserved children. During my dissertation research, I discovered that there are more than 51 million school hours lost annually due to illnesses related to dental problems. This number is astounding. I’m incredibly blessed for each one of our volunteers and the opportunity for our Give Kids A Smile program to provide access to free preventive oral health care to underserved children in the surrounding communities.

Participating in our Give Kids A Smile program affords me the smallest opportunity that can make a big difference in a child’s life.


Why is the Give Kids A Smile program important? 

The Give Kids A Smile program is fundamental to the oral health care of children. Since its inception in 2003, six million underserved children have received oral health services. Good oral health enhances the ability to speak, smile, eat, and show emotions through facial expressions.  Access to preventive oral health care established early in a child’s life can lead to better overall oral health. The Give Kids A Smile program connects children to the care they may not otherwise have access to.

Additionally, it provides the opportunity for dentists, dental hygienists, dental hygiene students and other dental auxiliary team members to volunteer their time, dedication, expertise, talents, support and help with such an invaluable program. I tell our Give Kids A Smile volunteers that they are paid in six figures through the children’s... S‑M‑I‑L‑E‑S!