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Share your ideas with ADA Foundation scientists

We want to hear from you!

Background: The ADA Foundation’s research enterprise, the Volpe Research Center (VRC), has long been at the forefront of science seeking to advance the oral health of the public through basic and applied research on dental restorative materials and treatment therapies. Their goal is not only to make new, improved restoratives that will repair decayed teeth, but also to understand complex biological, chemical, and mechanical phenomena that lead to oral maladies and develop treatments that will prevent, arrest and, ultimately, reverse these conditions.

Do you have a clinical challenge? Is there something limiting your ability to provide excellent care? Is there something our scientists could work on to help you resolve this problem? Our current research includes dental materials, devices, and sensors, but we can also work on other types of projects that can help solve your challenge.

Please share your clinical challenge below.

    Example: "I put braces on a patient, and two months later I need to adjust them. I wish there was a way to do it so I won't have to break the adhesive off of the teeth."

    Example: "Cutting posterior zirconia crowns is difficult with diamond burrs. We need a better burr, or another way to remove zirconia efficiently while being gentle to the tooth.”

    Example: “How can I tell if a perio site is stable or is about to break down?”