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Research Topics

Close-up photo of a microscope


Biomaterials and Biomineralization

  • Bioactive ACP Composites
  • Bioactive Nano Materials
  • Calcium Phosphate Bone Cements
  • Novel Dental Resin Composites with Improved Service Life

Molecular and Cell Biology

  • Dental Immunochemistry and Cell Biology: Advancing Point-of-Care Technologies
  • Molecular, Microbiological and Cytotoxic Aspects of Oral and Dental Tissues Repair and Generation
  • Molecular Aspects of Self-renewal and Differentiation of Stem Cells and Clinical Applications

Clinical Science and Therapies

  • Calcium Phosphate Remineralization Therapies
  • Cavity Preventing Chewing Gum and Candies
  • Fluoride Requirements for Therapeutic Efficacy
  • Microanalytical Techniques
  • Toxic Effects of Nano Materials

Standard-related Activities

  • Carbonated Hydroxyapatite Bio-dosimeter
  • Standard-related Activities

Scientific Collaboration and Education

  • Scientific Collaboration and Meeting Opportunities

Contact Us

ADA Foundation Volpe Research Center
100 Bureau Drive, Stop 8546
Gaithersburg, MD 20899

Phone: 301.975.6806
Fax: 301.963.9143