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ADA Foundation Charitable Assistance Grants

The ADAF charitable assistance grants offer financial help for dentists and their families during difficult times. Specifically, these funds help dentists and their dependents when the dentist cannot work due to accidental injuries, advanced age, a physically debilitating illness or other medical condition (or any combination of these). Eligibility rules also allow the spouses of deceased dentists to apply.

Funds are awarded to help with daily living expenses and emergency needs of dentists and qualified dependents to age 18. Grants are generally made on a one-time basis and vary in amount.

View the Charitable Grant Rules (PDF)

Apply for a Charitable Assistance Grant (PDF)

Special note on COVID-19 relief: Though we know many dental practices have been affected by the pandemic, our charitable grants program is not a disaster fund. We are not able to provide grants to cover business expenses or losses. For tools to help you cope with the impact of COVID-19, please visit this page.

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