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Give Kids A Smile Program Planning Toolbox

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Have you planned an access to care event in the past or is this a new activity for you? The keys to success are organization, planning, execution, publicity, and evaluation. The GKAS Program Planning Toolbox is an excellent resource to assist you in planning your event whether it is your first time or if you are a veteran program coordinator. The guides, forms, letters and other informative materials in this section provide a step-by-step timetable to guide you through planning, implementing, and promoting your GKAS event. For answers to additional questions, visit our GKAS FAQ page.

We urge you to register your Give Kids A Smile program today! Don't forget to come back after your event and report your actual data. Thank you!

Planning Guide

Get step-by-step information to assist you in planning your GKAS event.

Promotion Guide

Promoting your GKAS event is an important step. The following provides information to guide you in contacting the local media about your event.

Legal, Insurance and Risk Management Considerations Guide

As with any access to care program, GKAS raises legal, insurance and risk management considerations. The following provides guidance on how to manage this aspect.

Notice of Privacy Practices

This notice describes how  a patient’s health information may be used and disclosed and how to obtain access to this information

Sample Forms

Acknowledgement Form
This form acknowledges that the Notice of Privacy Practices was provided and read by the patient.

ADA Caries Risk Assessment Forms

Waiver and Permissions Forms

Data Collection Forms

Posters, Flyers and Ads




Full page and half page print ads can be downloaded as pdfs by clicking on the links below.